Apple juice may be an answer to asthma in children

Though a recent finding triggers worries among doctors and parents that ‘inhaled steroids may be inadequate for some children with asthma’ here is a better natural and healthy solution to it. Let your child drink plenty of apple juice. You might be pondering on the how apple juice is linked to asthma control. Scientists recently have found that children who drink lots of apple juice may be less likely to develop symptoms of asthma. But, surprisingly, it is also found that apparently eating fresh apples themselves is of no benefit for asthma children, though a healthy diet rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins has been previously found to be good for asthma.

True, no link between consumption and a reduced chance of an actual asthma diagnosis was found, but, the link between wheezing and drinking the juice was found to be quite strong. Interestingly and importantly, for treating asthma, the apple juice need not have to be fresh. Long-life juices made from concentrate can also be effective. This finding, thus, provides a cheaper solution for poorer asthma children, whose parents can’t afford to buy those expensive inhalers.

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